Mu Ar Deidhinn - About Us

The Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria is a non-profit organisation consisting of members, who are keen and enthusiastic about keeping the Gaelic language alive.

The object of the Society is to "promote the study and cultivation of the Scottish Gaelic language and culture in Victoria". Download the Society’s current information brochure here.

To undertake this object, the Society organises:



informal get-togethers where members and their friends meet over
a glass for a quiet - or sometimes not so quiet - shindig



At a Highland Gathering



Displays of various aspects of Scottish Gaelic culture held regularly at different Scottish Highland gatherings throughout Victoria.

The concept of a crest is thought to have derived from the custom of having the servants of great men wear a symbol of their masters' on their clothing. Similarly, it is claimed that clan chiefs gave representations of their crests to their followers. In any event, the present custom probably dates from the Victorian era.




Ar Cìrean - Our Crest

Unlike those associated with clans, the Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria believes its crest represents unification rather than ownership.
Our Gaelic slogan 'CANAIN AR SINNSRE' means 'Language of our Ancestors'




Ar Breacan - Our Tartan

In 2005 the Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria formally adopted the Flower of Scotland tartan as its representative tartan after the Society's choir had already previously adopted the tartan in 1998.
The tartan is not associated with any particular clan and is therefore considered particularly suitable for our Society which open for membership for anyone - Scot or not!

This specially created tartan was woven as a tribute to the late Roy Williamson, writer of the words and music of Scotland's national anthem, 'Flower of Scotland'. The colours of the tartan, Cornflower blue and Zephyr green, have been used to suggest the native bluebell and the thistle.

Did you know? The national flower of Scotland is commonly thought to be the thistle, a prickly-leaved purple flower which was first used in the 15th century as a symbol of defence. However, the national flower is in fact the Scottish bluebell!"



Language Class

Scottish Gaelic belongs to the Celtic family of languages and is closely related...more



The Scottish Gaelic Society Choir

The musical heritage of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland is in large part...more 



Ar Buill - Chomhairle

(Our Council Members)

At the Annual General Meeting in May, in accordance with Clause 5 (i) of our Constitution, the management of the Society is vested in a Council comprising of a number of annually elected Office Bearers.

Ar Bun - Reachd

(Our Constitution)

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Mailing address:

C/- Kildara Centre

Rear 39 Stanhope Street

Malvern 3144

 Incorporated Association Register No.:
ABN: 24649 231 560

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Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria 

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