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The Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria (SGSV) is a non profit incorporated association that was founded in 1905 with the objective of promoting "the study and cultivation of the Gaelic language and literature in Victoria”. Today, over one hundred years later, this objective remains the principal objective of the Society.

The SGSV aims to achieve its objective through the promotion of friendship among members by affording the Gaelic speaking people, and those interested in the Gaelic culture, facilities for meeting and communicating with one another, to enable them to improve their knowledge of the language and culture and to widen their influence.

The activities of the SGSV currently include the holding of classes for the study of the language, a Scottish Gaelic Choir, regular house cèilidhs, newsletters and other social events.

The SGSV welcomes applications for membership from all Gaelic enthusiasts who have an interest in studying, learning or preserving the Scottish Gaelic language, music and culture, whether they live in Victoria or further a field. The Society particularly welcomes those willing to participate or support the various activities organised throughout the year, irrespective of whether they can speak the language or not.

Members receive the Society’s newsletter “Seanchas”, which contain information about its members, and its own activities and, also a variety of articles about Scottish and Gaelic interests from both near and far.



If you wish to apply for membership now or are simply renewing your existing membership, please click on the link below and request a current Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria membership form. Fees can be paid by cheque or money order, payable to The Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria Inc.

Annual Membership Fees are reviewed and agreed at each Annual General Meeting

Download the membership form here:

2017-2018 SGSV Membership Form.pdf 2017-2018 SGSV Membership Form.pdf
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