Gaelic For Beginners


Beginners Gaelic

Did you know that you don't 'have' a car in Gaelic, but that the
car is 'at you'
"An car ùr agam."
"My new car."

Similarly some things can be 'on you' - air e.g.,
Tha deoch air
Is drink on him - he is drunk

Tha deoch mòr oirre
Is drink big on her - she is very drunk
Notice that you change the pronoun he/she in English by changing whether
it's on him/on her in Gaelic and similarly:

Tha cnatan orm
Is cold on me - I have a cold

Tha eagal oirrn
Is fear on us - we are afraid

Tha mi eolach air
Is me knowledge on him - I know him

Tha an t-acras/pathadh orm
Is hunger/thirst on me - I am hungry/thirsty

Tha an dèideadh orra
They have toothache.

Tha iongantas ort
You are surprised.

I need (something)
Tha feum agam air (deoch)
Is need at me on (a drink)
I need a drink!

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