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The musical heritage of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland is in large part a Gaelic one. There is a huge body of material from which to choose. For instance, Gaelic songs are very numerous and diverse in nature. There are songs, for instance, which were made specifically to accompany work – waulking the tweed, rowing, milking and so on. There are others whose origins relate to music for dancing - ‘puirt a beul’ or mouth music - and many others such as laments, songs of nostalgia, praise, humorous songs and songs about nature.





The Scottish Gaelic Choir has an extensive repertoire of traditional Gaelic songs. New songs are constantly introduced so the Choir is able to draw on its wide range for special performances such as ceilidhs and other festive celebrations.





The Scottish Gaelic Choir of Victoria was formed in 1997 by a small group of Gaelic learners with an interest in the traditional songs of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. The learners were all members of the Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria.

To begin with the choir was nothing more than a group of people with no director, no direction and no experience singing simple Gaelic songs in unison. It was not long before Leigh Wigglesworth joined the choir as its first director, bringing with her many years of experience. It was under her direction that the name ‘The Scottish Gaelic Choir of Victoria’ was formally established and the distinctive Flower of Scotland tartan adopted as the choir’s uniform.

The choir has had many engagements. Performances have been given at Highland gatherings, the annual National Celtic Festival in Portarlington, multicultural events, several Burns concerts, various church congregations, and a number of other community organizations.

A CD recording of the choir was produced in the SBS recording studios in 1999.





Rehearsals are held on Wednesday during school terms from 10:30 am – 12:30 pm.


Kildara Centre, Rear, 39 Stanhope Street, MALVERN
Melways reference Map 59 C7


Choir fees are determined by its members each year. All choir members are required to become members of the Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria. The annual membership fee for the Society is determined each year at the AGM in May.



Who sings in the Gaelic choir?

People from all backgrounds, of all ages and from all sections of the community join the choir. All that is necessary is a love of music, an interest in Gaelic, and above all, the ability to enjoy the experience!

Do I have to know how to speak Scottish Gaelic?

Certainly not! Songs are taught phonetically by a fluent native speaker. In actual fact, very few members of our choir can speak Scottish Gaelic!

Do I have to know how to read music?

You do not need to know how to read music to join the choir. Traditionally, our music is learned by ear.

For further information about our rehearsals, please e-mail us by clicking here. 

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